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What do you stand for?

Years ago, I was a bellman at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas. I loved being a bellman. I was one of the first people to give a warm welcome when guests arrived, and I was one of the last to offer a fond farewell when they left. Most of my time

Are You An Owner?

One of my all-time favorite keynote topics to deliver is “Work Like You Own It.” I love that topic, largely because one of my first managers said those words to me when I was very young in my career. Although the message is largely from a service excellence and professional

Caring Works Both Ways

Someone recently asked me: “How do you lead an employee who doesn’t want to do an inch more than is required? He’s not necessarily a bad employee, but he’s generally not interested in anything other than his primary job duties.” My answer: Some people genuinely only want to come to

Let HOPE Pull You

The longer I live, the more I realize the importance of hope. It’s tied to everything. If someone wants to discourage you, all they have to do is remove your “hope”.  Without hope, you don’t EXPECT anything to be better.  Without hope, you won’t believe that “someone like you” can

What Is Your Best?

“Always give your best!” That is what my manager told me when I was a 17-year old restaurant busboy. I loved my job, and every detail that I was expected to flawlessly deliver. Delivering bread and water to the table was a full-on production. Clearing plates from the table had

MY Part Makes a Difference

Each one of us already has the gifts, drive and experience to contribute in a meaningful way. But I know to many amazing people who consistently wait to be prodded by someone else to move…and do…and be productive. No perceived limitation or condition can stop you, unless you allow it

Keep Going

There are some things that only come to those who refuse to quit. Literally, “not stopping” is the only ingredient that many of us miss. Whenever I have a burning vision to accomplish something I promise myself that I will not stop…until I succeed. And I make that promise before

How High?

How high are your standards? I’ve learned that the true benchmark of success is not who I can surpass, but how consistently I am reaching and exceeding my own high standards. Standards are not easily tossed aside or broken. They ought to be non-negotiable. In fact, a standard that can

The Today Affirmation

Today, enthusiastically and gratefully celebrate that I woke up. Today, begin by loving myself, then let that same love guide how I treat others (regardless if they deserve it or not). Today, do one thing for one customer, with absolute perfection…then repeat. Today, tell one colleague that I value them and why.

Burn the Bridge

Why are you looking back? The past is the past and it cannot be undone. Yes, you can learn from it. Yes, you can assess areas to improve…but your true success does not live in the past; nor does it live in the future. It lies in what you do

Today is NOT the Day

If anyone is going to do a shortcut, it won’t be me. I refuse to do my job half-way. Not today. There are all kinds of ways for things to go wrong. Let them be accidents. I will not allow myself to intentionally do less than I am capable of doing.

I Have Your Back

To all leaders everywhere: Imagine that each of your team members wrote this to you…
⭐I need to know that you trust and believe in me. A mission statement or memo won’t do. I need you to tell me…and mean it.