Only the Hungry

Please! Only give me hungry people. 

Hungry to learn

Hungry to grow.

Hungry to serve.

Hungry to encourage.

Hungry to live.

⭐Only the hungry.

It’s hard to find someone who’s consistently hungry.

We can easily become complacent…and entitled…and ungrateful because of all that we have.

But the hungry…

They appreciate what they have AND imagine what can be. 

⭐Only the hungry.

If you try feeding a baby who’s not hungry, the food will go everywhere else but in the baby’s mouth. It’s even worse with adults. 

Don’t make the grave mistake of forcing an adult to “eat.” Don’t force others to consume ANYTHING they genuinely don’t want to consume. 

Education. Meetings. Projects. You name it.

The “food” will go everywhere but in their mouth. In other words, it’s futile. Only feed those who want to eat.

I’ll write it again. 

Only feed those who want to eat. When they are ready to eat, they will. 

As hard as you may try, you can’t MAKE someone care. You. Just. Can’t.

⭐Only the hungry. 

The hungry will find a way to get food. They will search for it. They will hunt for it. And they will be grateful for it. 

THAT’s who you want to feed. The hungry. Those who want it. Those who will appreciate it. Those who will be blessed by it. 


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