Leaders Serve and Servers Lead

The most effective leaders deeply care about who they lead. Plain and simple. Their caring is not contrived or manipulative. They care. For real.❤️

As I reflect on my career, it’s clear those leaders who were MOST influential on my morale and productivity were the ones who served.

Wait. What?????

Yes, you read that correctly. Those leaders made it their mission to find ways to help me be more effective. They regularly asked me questions like:

* How can I support you today?

* What questions can I answer for you?

*What barriers can I help remove so you can be even more effective?

Those leaders worked with me, served alongside me, challenged me, celebrated me and corrected me. 

They told me that their job was to help me be amazing at my job. As you already know, that is called Servant Leadership. Leaders Serve and Servers Lead.

But what about that other part? Servers Lead. (I’m so glad you asked.)

Authentically serving others builds connections and trust. Connections and trust lead to strong relationships. And strong relationships lead to influence.⭐️ 

It’s very difficult to lead anyone without influence, because influence is the secret sauce of leadership. It’s the ability to inspire others to believe in you and your vision for a better future.

I can’t MAKE you follow me. I have to influence you (and motivate you) to do so. And the best way to build influence is to serve.

Takeaway: Leaders Serve and Servers Lead.

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