The Best or The Rest?

Here is a quintessential question for you to consider. ????

Are the people you love the most getting the BEST of you? Or are they getting the REST of you?⭐️

Look, when I asked myself that question a few years ago, I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds. As much as I loved my family, “work” consistently got the best of my time, energy, and attention. Then the leftovers went to my loved ones. Consistently.

That sobering realization made me “check myself.”???? Providing for my family is important, but I’ve learned that resources can be replenished. Time can’t. Opportunities can be replenished. Time can’t. Finances can be replenished. Time can’t.

It. Just. Can’t.⏳️

Be wary of any person, job, hobby or situation that encourages you to give the REST of you to those you love the most. Be strong and courageous enough to stand up and say, “That’s enough”. And the person you may ultimately have to confront is…YOURSELF.

????????Takeaway: Do everything you can to give the BEST of yourself to those you love the most. (In the end, nothing else really matters.)

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