Motivational Moments

Motivational Moments offers two distinct versions tailored to meet the unique needs of teams and individuals. Choose the option that suits you best and embark on a transformative journey towards excellence and personal growth.

Weekly Videos

$ 99 Monthly
  • First two weeks for ONLY $9.99!
  • Each week, you will receive a short yet impactful video that delves into a specific topic, carefully crafted to provide concise and effective education, ensuring you gain practical knowledge without overwhelming your schedule.
  • Valuable insights and strategies
  • Boost your motivation
  • Improve personal accountability

Monthly Custom Videos

$ 495 Monthly
  • Monthly, short video (5 minutes or less) that is customized to your company. 
  • In addition to the monthly topic, Dr. Bryan will infuse your company's language, mission, values, and even employee recognition as appropriate.
  • For any month, you can opt to have Dr. Bryan join or lead a "live" virtual meeting with your team! (i.e. Zoom, etc)

What are people saying?

 “Your Motivational Moments are a game changer! Life Link III is delighted to be partnering with you on producing these custom videos for our employees.” Kate Richards – VP, Employee & Customer Engagement

“We were fortunate enough to be able to provide our front line staff with the insight and vision of Bryan Williams for three consecutive days of Service Excellence and Teamwork and he did not disappoint. His ability to connect to our staff was evident by their enthusiasm and participation. We are now embarking on his programs of Motivational Moments specifically design to our health care operation and the development of caring staff members. I encourage all to be part of this Service Excellence Movement.” -Larry Slatky – Executive Director

“Our employees look forward to these engaging messages each month. I strongly encourage working with Bryan Williams to create a culture of accountability at your organization!” – Kolby Kolbet – VP, Clinical Services