It's all about happy clients.

"Bryan’s session was a breath of fresh air to me and to my management team. In a year that seems to be nothing but mountains, remembering his 10 suggestions on a day to day basis will help me and my coworkers to be mountain CLIMBERS! Bryan always delivers."
Barbara Lubbers
Assistant General Manager, Club Greenwood
"Thank you for your inspirational presentation to our members. I’ve heard from many members that it was the best online inspirational meeting they’ve attended! We thank you for your professional, yet entertaining session and look forward to seeing you in person at our event next year."
Deborah Burns
Executive Director, New England Inns & Resorts Association (NEIRA)
"Over the past 12-months, Bryan has provided the keynote address at two of our events. No matter the topic, his message is consistently inspirational and motivating. His energy is contagious, even in a virtual environment! If you’re looking for the “wow” factor, look no further – Bryan is the best!"
Priscilla Gandy
Conferences and Events Director, National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO)
"Bryan Williams WOW'd our audience of more than 1600 individuals! He shared stories to connect with the audience, incorporated humor to make a point, and definitely left our guests with tangible take-aways to inspire them to strive for excellence in every way. Bryan was an event-organizers dream by offering his best performance in a low maintenance manner. He is easy and fun to work with as he truly understood that he and our organization were "in it together" to ensure our guests had a tremendous day. I cannot wait to be around Bryan again ... his energy is contagious!"
Ericka Heiser
President, Day of Excellence-Rapid City
"We have had the privilege of having Bryan Williams present to The Beryl Institute community on two occasions, as a keynote and workshop leader. In both venues his command of the content and engagement of our participants has left people wanting even more. His energy, knowledge and commitment to the importance of experience in healthcare is significant and has a powerful impact on all with whom he engages. He is a an important voice in the patent experience movement."
Jason A. Wolf, PhD.
President, The Beryl Institute
"Bryan is, hands-down, the most engaging and inspiring customer service speaker we've had. His presentation was relatable - on both a personal and professional level - and left our employees feeling empowered, confident, and with a renewed sense of purpose."
Stephanie F. Brown
"Bryan really wowed our management team with his energy, passion, and expertise. Every attendee was motivated by his powerful message and walked away with tips and tools to take action to make improvements."
Theresa Scolaro
AVP, MedStar Ambulatory Services
"Work like you own it!' What a wonderful presentation given by Dr. Williams to our department. Insightful, and full of ideas to assist the healthcare worker on their journey to consistently creating a great patient experience. Even more delightful to watch was Dr. Williams engaging each and every attendee. He walks the talk! A warm "hello", a friendly smile, eye contact and easy conversation. He is a living definition of being present in the moment. Every interaction I've had with Dr. Williams has been a memorable experience."
Michael Calhoun
Shady Grove Adventist Hospital
"Bryan was a huge hit with our leaders. I sat at the table with our CEO and he repeatedly nodded his head and identified how Bryan's message aligned with our culture and I have received many positive comments about his message, energy and passion."
Deb Stam
Parkview Health
"There are lots of firms in the business of providing service training, but none of them have the depth and breadth of experience that Bryan Williams does. Not only does he have a mastery of both the science and art of world class service delivery, but he has a unique ability to present and teach the concepts in a way that are actionable by line staff and managers"
Dan Scott
Shore Lodge
"Talk about ENGAGEMENT! Most of us have attended sessions aimed at motivating individuals and in building a lasting impression, only to be disappointed in the message coming across. However, the depth of your material, your integrity, your open enthusiasm, your humor and your ability to connect on every level made it worthwhile for everyone!"
Hans Bruland
The Hay-Adams
"I have attended many seminars on service and training, but I have never witnessed such a refreshing, clear, and mind-opening presentation as the one Bryan Williams gave us. My colleagues were all inspired and are still talking about it!"
Isabel Morero
Marbella Club Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa (Marbella, Spain)