Value Others and Expect to Be Valued

Sometimes you’ll meet people who treat you in such a way that makes you question your own worth. Do everything you can stay away from those people.

When it comes to relationships (personal or professional), try your hardest to only be with those who SEE your value, UNDERSTAND your value and APPRECIATE your value.⭐️

Aside from a job interview, you should NEVER have to explain why you are valuable. Who you are should attract those who are drawn to your qualities and vice versa.

I’m writing this because I was recently reminded of that truth. On a business call, someone talked down to me and was very demeaning. It actually felt like the person enjoyed being condescending. After the call, I literally found myself questioning my own worth. The other person’s tone (and words) caused me to 2nd guess whether everything I’ve been fortunate to achieve was a mirage.

Then I quickly shook myself out of it and came to my senses.

Some relationships are worth letting go. Personal or professional. For your mental, emotional and physical health…let it go. NOONE has the right to speak to you or treat you like crap. Ever. Not even a little bit.

You are better than that. If someone else doesn’t see your worth, keep it movin’. Don’t lose one ounce of sleep.

Not every person (or organization) is worth having a relationship with. And that’s ok.

I promise that if you treat people well and help them feel seen, heard and valued, good things will happen.

Takeaway: Value others and expect to be valued. Period.

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