The SPECIAL Leaders

As a leader, one of the most offensive things you can do is to NOT believe in someone. Specifically someone who is on your team. It is demoralizing and devastating.😞

Whether you realize it or not, if you don’t believe in someone, that person KNOWS how you feel. Your disbelief can be felt. It is palpable.

I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. I know what it feels like to be given up on AND to be invested in. Gratefully, I’ve had FAR more leaders in my career who saw potential in me and treated me according to that potential.

💡”Treat people as they are, and they will remain as they are. Treat them as they can and should be, and they will become as they can and should be.” – Goethe

Yes, I worked hard, but the whole truth is that those leaders who gave me chance (after chance after chance) didn’t have to. They chose to. That is the only thing that made my circumstance different. I was blessed to have amazing leaders who didn’t let me stay where I was. They pulled me up and told me that I was better than what I was showing. And they refused to accept anything other than my best. That’s the truth.

I wasn’t special. I just had special leaders.👊🏾

As I look around, I see fewer leaders who are willing to invest in the potential of people. Instead, I frequently hear leaders speak negatively about 🗣 “those people”…”from that generation”…”who are from xyz place”.

💭If I am granted one wish, it would be for you to see the seed and the potential in someone…and then do something positive about it. Coach. Mentor. Lift. Challenge. Correct. Forgive. Delegate. Empower. DO. SOMETHING. (ANYTHING!)

Quite frankly, you may be the first person to have EVER believed in that person.

Takeaway: As a leader, your real job is to help change lives for the better. (Please never forget that).

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