Are You An Owner?

One of my all-time favorite keynote topics to deliver is “Work Like You Own It.” I love that topic, largely because one of my first managers said those words to me when I was very young in my career.

Although the message is largely from a service excellence and professional perspective, there is MUCH more to it.

Owning it means that I take full responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions.

Owning it means that I hold myself accountable AND am willing to be held accountable.

Owning it means that I am responsible for setting boundaries on my time (Note: No one else will do it for you.)

Owning it means that I am reliable. I do what I say and don’t overcommit.

Owning it means that I choose courage over comfort. I choose what’s right over what’s fast and easy.

Owning it means that I can ask for help without judging myself and you can ask me for help without feeling judged.

Owning it means that I don’t blame others. Ever. I can only control my reaction and adjust accordingly.

Owning it means that I do what needs to be done before anyone has to tell me to do it (which is also a KEY sign of maturity).

Owning it means that I intentionally seek ways to add value to every situation and relationship I am a part of.

Owning it means that I am a brand, and my brand must be known for lifting others higher.

Takeaway: Be an Owner.

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