Caring Works Both Ways

Someone recently asked me: “How do you lead an employee who doesn’t want to do an inch more than is required? He’s not necessarily a bad employee, but he’s generally not interested in anything other than his primary job duties.”

My answer:

Some people genuinely only want to come to work…do their job…and go home. For all you know, that may have been drummed into his brain from childhood. “Do ONLY what you are paid to do, and go home to your real life everyday.”

(Yes, THAT dinner table discussion happens everyday from parents to their children. And many of those children are now adults …and have jobs.)

Now back to your employee. Without knowing the intricacies of your relationship with him, the general rule is…if you want him to put more caring into his role, then you have to put more caring into him.

What are his goals in life?

What motivates him?

What are his dreams?

What does he feel is his calling (or purpose) in life?

Learn the answers to his questions and help him work towards them. (The answers may have nothing to do with his current job, and that is ok).

The point is that your investment in HIM may lead to him investing more in your goals and dreams. That is the way it works.

Takeaway: It’s amazing how much discretionary effort can be unlocked just by genuinely caring for someone.

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