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Ultimate Ambassadors

Ultimate Ambassadors: Those are the two words that were branded on my brain recently.


The ultimate goal of being a speaker is not to be heard; it is to serve. If you are given the amazing privilege to stand before people, you owe it to them to give value to THEM.

Expectations: Keep Them High

As you already know, your mind will believe and act on anything that is repeated to it. Whether it is good or bad.

You, Inc: 3 Keys to Own Your Personal Brand Everyday

Jenny, Inc – Mark, LLC – Bianca, Incorporated. If you didn’t realize it, you are a brand. No, you don’t just work for a brand…you actually are a brand! Your brand is your reputation, or as Jeff Bezos famously said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you

Be Unreasonable

Unreasonable. Non-negotiable. Unapologetic. They all basically mean the same thing: I refuse to accept anything other than what I expect. There may be areas in your life where you are willing to waver or bend your standards, but not THAT thing for which you are a snob about. I believe


Unbreakable. What does that word even mean?? Can not be broken? Invincible? I recently found myself musing on that word until something hit me. How would you KNOW that something is unbreakable? A clear, marketing slogan? A money-back guarantee? A warranty? I mean, how would you actually know that something

What is Luxury? S’mores, Steak Knives & Green Tea

July 10, 2018 Someone recently asked me, “What is luxury?” I told him that luxury means worry-free. It means everything has been thought of already for you. Every detail has been checked and re-checked before you purchase something. Whenever you have to wonder if something is going to get done,

Worthy To Be Served

I love service. I love to see people treated well. Exceptionally well. I also love to see people come to work with honor and passion for their craft. No matter what that craft is. People often think that service excellence is all about the touchpoints, service steps, and amenities involved.

Are You Sure That You Want a Culture of Excellence?

Stop! Please. Just Stop. If I hear one more leadership team say that their company’s desire is to build a “Culture of Excellence”, I might just pass out. I know that it sounds good and looks good to use words like Culture and Excellence. When used in team meetings and

The Power of Peer Accountability

The world needs more people who nudge each other. People who call each other out when things are not good AND who lift each other up when things go well. As I travel around the globe and work with various clients, I’ve noticed an alarming trend. There aren’t as many

Stand Up For Your Standards

This article is not about your company’s standards. It’s not about your department’s standards or your team’s standards. This article is not even about what others expect of you. My sole purpose for this article is to write to you…about you. This will be about your own expectations and standards

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