How High?

How high are your standards?

I’ve learned that the true benchmark of success is not who I can surpass, but how consistently I am reaching and exceeding my own high standards.

Standards are not easily tossed aside or broken. They ought to be non-negotiable. In fact, a standard that can be broken is not really a standard…it’s just a suggestion.

A standard is mandatory. A suggestion is not. Period.

In fact, having a standard should be a standard.

As a line employee, I always strived to have higher standards than my managers could ever have of me. With every complaint, I brought forth a suggestion. With every suggestion, I volunteered to help implement it. With every implementation, I offered to see it through until it was successful.

⭐️So carefully and meticulously create personal standards, model those standards and stand for those standards. Stand for them everyday, keep them high everyday, and serve with excellence everyday.

Takeaway: No matter who you are or where you work, always remember that YOU are a brand. Let your brand be known for having high standards.

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