Don’t Demotivate a Motivated Person

“Would you Iike a bag for those books?” That is what she asked me. I’ve been going to our neighborhood library with my children for over 11 years, and NO ONE has EVER asked me that question. Even when I had tall stacks of books.????

This time, however, I saw a young lady stocking the book shelves with a big smile. I also saw a co-worker giving her further instructions. It was obvious that she was a new employee, and cared about doing a great job.

⭐So after she gave me the bag, I told her how impressed I was with her caring and professional attitude.

As I left, I thought about how motivated she was. Then I started thinking that most people tend to start jobs BEING motivated, and then subsequently BECOME de-motivated. So, what are some things that would de-motivate her?

I’m so glad you asked!????

????????Co-workers who barely meet expectations.

????????Co-workers who discourage her from exceeding expectations (because it would make them look bad).

????????Leader who allows apathetic behavior on the team.

Any or all of those will de-motivate a motivated person.

⭐Takeaway: One of the main responsibilities of a leader is to not de-motivate a motivated person. Create a culture where people can thrive without having to explain why they care.

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