Burn the Bridge

Why are you looking back? The past is the past and it cannot be undone. Yes, you can learn from it. Yes, you can assess areas to improve…but your true success does not live in the past; nor does it live in the future. It lies in what you do today. Today, as in right now.  

So many of us are afraid to step forward today because we are anchored to what happened yesterday. Burn the bridge.

Bridges don’t have to be bad. Bridges can be beautiful. They can help you get from one place to the next. But now, you’ve crossed that bridge, and there’s nothing to go back to. Burn the bridge. 

By leaving the bridge intact, you might be tempted to go back. But there is NOTHING for you back there. Burn the bridge. 

Focus on what you must do now to get to your vision. The vision is ahead of you, and your past is behind you. Back there…in that former place…over the bridge.

You probably thought that you would stay there. You probably thought it was too hard to get out. You probably thought that “people like you” didn’t deserve anything better. 

You were wrong. If you are reading this, you are here…not back there. 

If you can feel what I am conveying, you are here…not back there. 

So…Burn the bridge. Burn it! It’s gone. Up in smoke. Never look back. Just focus on what you need to do now…to get to your next bridge.

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