The Today Affirmation

Today, enthusiastically and gratefully celebrate that I woke up.

Today, begin by loving myself, then let that same love guide how I treat others (regardless if they deserve it or not).

Today, do one thing for one customer, with absolute perfection…then repeat.

Today, tell one colleague that I value them and why.

Today, tell one customer that I value them and why.

Today, tell myself that I value myself and why.

Today, serve each person with excellence and not adjust my eagerness, kindness or attentiveness based on how “important” I believe a particular customer is.

Today, make it my minimum expectation to exceed everyone else’s expectations.

Today, don’t just serve…don’t just engage…but truly honor each person I serve.

Today, graciously appreciate that no one else in the world can serve exactly like me, and be proud of that difference.

And when the day comes to a close, ask myself, “Did I make a positive, meaningful, and memorable difference in anyone’s life today?”

Make today a memorable one!

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