MY Part Makes a Difference

Each one of us already has the gifts, drive and experience to contribute in a meaningful way.

But I know to many amazing people who consistently wait to be prodded by someone else to move…and do…and be productive. No perceived limitation or condition can stop you, unless you allow it to stop you. Commit that no matter what you did yesterday, today will be even better.

When I think of how many people sacrificed for me, believed in me and prayed for me, I often sit in disbelief. Then, my disbelief turns to gratitude. Then, my gratitude turns to action.

I will push more. I will do more. I will accomplish more.

Today, I proclaim that I will be more than I was yesterday. The light inside of me is stronger than any doubts I may have about my ability.

I am strong! Born to step forward. Born to do great works. Born to build, develop and accomplish things.

Today, wherever I am:
⭐️ I will do MY part with excellence.
⭐️ I will do MY part to hold things together.
⭐️ I will do MY part to lift others higher.

As hard as it may be. As frustrating as it may seem. I will do my part, with excellence on my mind, and with love in my heart.

At the end of the day, I will look back and confidently say, “Today, I have done everything I can to use the skills, gifts and experiences that I’ve been blessed with”.

My part makes a difference. Today and Everyday.

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