Take the Wheel

What should we do when we know exactly what to do, but still don’t do it?

What should we do when we know precisely what NOT to do, but do it anyway?‍♂️

What should we do when we THOUGHT we were in control, but come to find out that we are BEING controlled?

⭐I’ve learned that if I have to hide it, I don’t need it.

⭐If I have to lie about it, I don’t need it.

⭐If it causes me to feel ashamed, I don’t need it.

Books, classes, coaching, you name it – they all have their role in helping us navigate out of the potholes that we REPEATEDLY and WILLINGLY drop in to.

But at some point, the only thing that will work is making a decision TODAY to not drop into that pothole TODAY. And each of us must make that decision because we know exactly how much hurt that pothole causes.

So, this is it. I know the roads that lead to the pothole, but now I am taking another road. That other road may seem longer and not as adventurous, but the view is so…much…better. The air is so much better. The sun’s warmth is so much better. EVERYTHING is so much better.

I’m now riding on that better road. That higher road. That loving road. That encouraging road. That rejuvenating road. That soul-satisfying road.

The only thing is now…I am not driving.

Jesus, has taken the wheel.

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