Make It Better

Who smiles when you show up?

What improves when you appear?

Is the room brighter with you in it?

Is the team more effective with you on it?

Your presence is meant to make situations better. Nothing should be the same. And nothing should be worse. Only better!

This means that intentionality is your friend and continuous improvement is your companion. You are ordained to boost, not burden. To encourage, not discourage. To empower, not enable.

You are the multiplier…the synergizer…and the unifier.

You appreciate what is, but imagine what can be.

Is it better? That is the quintessential question that dominates your mind.

Is it better? Is the project better? Is the team better? Is the relationship better?

Whether you are leading or serving, make it better. Whether you are celebrating or coaching, make it better.

And don’t stop pushing until the answer is YES.

Make. It. Better. Period.

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