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What is worse than negativity?

I am convinced that one of the biggest problems in organizations is apathy. Even more than negativity. Negativity is obvious, therefore, can be addressed directly. Whereas, apathy can be masked. It can be subtle. Easy to overlook. Apathy can show up in many ways: chronic tardiness, no input in meetings

Needing To Be Needed

I was in a hotel gym recently running on the treadmill, and I noticed a man pacing back and forth talking loudly on his phone. He must have made 3 calls in less than 7 minutes. On every call he sounded agitated. After he hung up the last call, he

Deserve It

There were so many times in my career when I should have been fired. No question. Times when it was perfectly logical, reasonable, and justifiable to let me go. Somehow, someway…countless people gave me opportunity after opportunity after opportunity. People believed in me, when I oftentimes gave them no reason

Keep The Customer

United Airlines is now a case study for how not to treat customers. Especially paying customers…who are about to receive the serve they paid for…and are obviously unhappy about how they are being treated. There is so much to learn from this scenario. Horst Schulze, who is the former President and COO

Waiting To Be Led

My friend, Kenny, and I had a great dialogue recently about leadership. While we may not agree on the necessity of leadership, we do agree that far too many people wait to be led by others. Each one of us already has the gifts, drive and experience needed to contribute

Recognizing Excellence on Your Team

Plaques. Pizza Parties. Parking Spaces. The list can go on and on. After all, who doesn’t like to to be recognized and get prizes, right? There are even popular books that give hundreds of ways to recognize your employees. In the quest to provide employee recognition, companies often assume that

Sacred Ground

Oh, what a privilege it is to serve others. Whether you work in a hotel, restaurant, spa, club, conference center, etc, the purpose is the same: Consistently deliver exceptional service and create memorable experiences for those you serve. That’s it. Treat. People. Well. Everyday. Regardless of who they are, or where they

Smile, The Sun is Shining Through You

The Smile. Powerful, yet underrated. Majestic, yet overlooked. The mere mention of the word, smile, makes you want to…smile. You can literally feel someone’s smile; whether it’s in person, or on the phone, or via email. That is how powerful it is. Regardless of whether you smile with your mouth, eyes or

He Who Profits Most Serves Best: The Power of True Customer Service

This excellent article was written by Brian Lassiter, President of the renowned Performance Excellence Network. Many thanks to Brian for sharing this article! Sometimes the most powerful insights come from the most disastrous experiences.  This is particularly true as it relates to poor customer service – something with which, unfortunately,

Two Kings

Two Kings. Both are royal. Both are majestic. Both are worthy to be given every good thing and served with excellence. One of the kings is “King Joseph Smith” and the other is “Joe Smith”. It is obvious who King Joseph is when he enters a room. His clothes, jewelry

The Power of Strong Habits

It all begins with a thought. Thoughts turn into words, and words turn into behaviors, and behaviors turn into habits. In fact, anything we consistently do will become a habit. Napoleon Hill wrote that “Thoughts are things, and powerful things at that”. It generally takes anywhere from 3-4 weeks of

The Power of a Well-Timed Nudge

*This article was graciously contributed by Mr. John Wood, who is the HR Recruitment Manager at the luxurious Shore Lodge Resort. “Nuggets” are those actionable points of execution that set one service experience aside from all the rest. That special occasion when an authentic connection is made between the service