More Than a Job

When you are operating in your "calling", time seems to stop and every concern melts away.
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When you are operating in your “calling”, time seems to stop and every concern melts away. You are no longer satisfied with good enough when you are operating in your calling. No. The tasks you do in that area have to be perfect…or it’s completely wrong. You can’t bring yourself to do anything less than your absolute best!

Your calling will do that to you; and it’s beautiful when it happens.

My 1st job was as a restaurant busboy…which led to my role as a server… which led me down a path of being a hotelier in multiple roles. For the last 14 years, I’ve been a speaker and author. The job titles may have changed along the way, but I’m still a server. I Serve.

Whether I’m writing an article or producing a conference or keynoting for thousands of people, I view myself as a server. That’s it. That’s my calling. You are my guests. All I see are guests. Valuable guests. Beautiful guests.

Your race is irrelevant. Your gender is irrelevant. Your nationality is irrelevent. If you are reading this, you are my guest. Period.

That is my calling, and I pray EVERYDAY to keep serving until I’m not able to serve anymore.

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