Interview with a Service Superstar #4

We will periodically bring you interviews with people who work like they own it! These service superstars consistently work with pride, passion, and professionalism. The purpose of these interviews is to gain some insight into how these world-class service professionals approach their job and what is needed to keep them motivated.

*This interview features Chanelle Camire from BodiScience Holistic Spa.

Question:     In your own words, what does it mean to “work like you own it”?
Answer:       Literally, working as if you do in fact own the business. I work above and beyond my own expectations. There’s a very loud voice in my head that says “Chanelle, there’s lint on the floor….the temperature needs to be adjusted….the air needs to be freshened…clear this… fill that….check this and that.” I’m always full hands in and full hands out. Even if I’m tired and I don’t want to do it….I still just do it. I actually often surprise myself as to what I’m capable of accomplishing.

Question:     What motivates you to go above and beyond to WOW your customers?

Answer:        My expectations for service for myself are high so, I couldn’t imagine giving anything less then what I hope to receive. We all deserve an experience that makes us stop. That makes us take a deeper breath. Something that brings you into the present moment and makes you feel alive again. These customers are people. Just like the special people in my life. With that respect, we all need reminders to be the best version of our ourselves. It melts my heart to know that my words, my touch, and my commitment can create that experience in a persons life. To see the lights come back on in a persons eyes, makes get up everyday and do it all over again.

Question:     What do you consider to be your own personal service standards?
Answer:        My standards for service is to have my needs met before I even know they exist. Make me feel safe and that everything is all taken care of. I want to be able to sit back, let go and just enjoy the ride. Bring me somewhere I’ve never been. Be so authentic with what you’re doing that even if it was just tying my shoes, make it the most unforgettable shoe tying experience I’ve ever had. Make me relive that moment every time my fingers touch my lacings. Or better yet, the next time I tie another persons shoes ,I’ll remember you and I’ll share my story of you with honor. Be unforgettable!

Question:     What advice do you have for managers who want to keep people like yourself motivated and engaged?
Answer:        Make yourself and your employees really get to know who they are. What kind of person they want to be. How they want to be remembered. What makes them happy. What makes their blood circulate. What gives them goosebumps. You have to become sensitive with yourself. You need to be able to hear your inner voice because if you can’t hear your own needs then you can’t help others. So go out into the world, get stimulated, reconnect with yourself and do what makes you happy. Make time for all the little bits and pieces that make you…YOU. Feel it in every cell of your body. Then bring it and serve it!

Question:     Give me an example of a time you WOW’d a customer

Answer:        Years ago I had been bartending at Soma Restaurant and lounge. It was a full bar and a very busy night. A man maybe in his 70’s sat down by himself. I remember his white hair was neatly combed. Clothes pressed and shirt tucked. Very put together man. He ordered Stoli on the rocks and I believe Scallops for dinner. While he was waiting for his dinner to come he ordered another cocktail and instantly I felt a tug at my heart. I suggested that he have some water and maybe after dinner he could have another cocktail. He just sat calmly and stared me in the eyes. “Why?” and I replied “because I care about you”. He just smiled at me and said “Ok.” His dinner came and gone. I didn’t serve him anymore liquor. He actually hung out for quite some time. Very nice man. Eventually he had us call him a cab which made me thank the lord. Mean while he payed for his tab and then asked me to shake my hand. As he did, he put a very large amount of money into my hand and said ” thank you for caring about me.” I tried to give him his money back but he repeatedly declined. I of course shared this situation with my coworkers and they suggested that I kept all the money for a job well done.

Thought I’d share this too.

In my early 20s I worked at a high end Boutique. A woman came into the store shortly after receiving a double masectomy. She was very amusing actually. She wasn’t emotional about the cancer. In fact she was feeling almost inconvenienced and seemed to be in a hurry. She wanted my help in finding blouses that would help accent her breast area.. At the time, I was suffering from a severe case of cystic acne and unfortunately didn’t have the means to treat it properly. She had asked me about my skin and I was very brief about it and just carried along. I got everything I could find and sent her on her way. Well, days later I received a phone call at work from this woman. She had shared that her husband was a dermatologist and wanted me to come into his office for treatment. I wasn’t quite sure why she wanted to help me but i took her up on her offer. This amazing woman covered all the costs for my treatments for over 2 years which had to have cost well over $20,000. She shared that if she was to survive from breast cancer then she had to give back. She told me I was to beautiful to have to suffer. This is what has inspired me to get into the Spa industry and share the love that was given to me.

Question:     Give me an example of a time you WOW’d one of your co-workers

Answer:        Recently the company I work for, Bodiscience Holistic Day Spa had experienced major losses due to flooding. During this time our founder, Dawn Tardiff, thankfully worked quickly to create a satelite spa for us employees to continue working and to service our clients. Unfortunately, we had clients that canceled their appointments because they wanted the “real” Bodiscience. With hard work, Dawns brains and no sleep we were able to get Bodiscience in the original space up and running. I happened to be working on one of the clients that canceled their treatments during the time of the flood. So, I asked why she canceled her appointment. She shared “I wanted this” and opened her arms to the newly renovated space. “I just wanted to wait for this.” With lots of love, I shared with her that we would never have our clients be subjected to anything less then an exceptional experience. We would never create something that would lessen who we are. The reason we have our reputation for excellence is because that’s who we are. I also explained that if in the future and let’s pray there isn’t but let’s say something happens and we have to use a different space, please continue coming in for service. If it weren’t for the people that supported us during our time of loss, the doors to the “real” Bodiscience never would have re-opened, you wouldn’t be sitting here and neither would I. The lights came one. She had her “ah huh” moment, and with a smile she shook her head yes and said “ok.” I continued her service and built a whole new level of respect with this client. When I shared this with Dawn, she nearly began to cry. At that moment she felt me “work it, like I own it!”

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