Unbreakable. What does that word even mean?? Can not be broken? Invincible? I recently found myself musing on that word until something hit me. How would you KNOW that something is unbreakable? A clear, marketing slogan? A money-back guarantee? A warranty? I mean, how would you actually know that something CAN NOT be broken? The only way to really know if a building is unbreakable is if something hits it that should break it…but it doesn’t. It still stands strong.

The presence of immense adversity is what lets you know if something is unbreakable. Without the adversity, you would never really KNOW.

In your life, is it a relationship? Is it your walk with God? Is it your self-worth? I believe that everyone has, at least, one thing in their lives for which they are unbreakable. Some aspect where they refuse to bend…or give up…or lay down. There is strength in that area. Find it. Claim it. Strengthen it. 

Rough Patch

A few years ago, my business hit a significant rough patch. There were a series of months where a lack of revenue perfectly coincided with a truckload of unexpected expenses. For the first time in multiple years of running my business, I felt legitimately suffocated. I literally felt darkness surrounding me. Not knowing how I would make payroll or even pay myself!  Bank accounts were drifting towards $0. I was in disbelief. 

I remember thinking, “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?” Sometimes, despite all of your planning and contingencies, circumstances may arise where you genuinely want to give up and go “another route”. For me, that meant closing my business and applying for a job somewhere. 

Strong Faith

The urge to “pack it in” was REALLY strong.  I was super frustrated.  At that point, I remember envisioning a fork in the road. One road meant that I would close the business, and the other road meant that I would press on…by faith.  As you know, faith is the confidence that what you hope for will actually happen. So I chose faith. STRONG faith. The same type of faith that I had when I left my cushy corporate job and ventured out on my own. The same type of faith when my wife was unexpectedly placed on hospital bedrest months before she was due with our first child. The same type of faith when my bank accounts were at $0 and didn’t know how I would buy food for my family. 

Yet, by faith, and by the grace that only God can provide, leaving my corporate job turned into a successful business. By faith, my wife gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl. By faith, gift cards and envelopes of cash began appearing in drawers and car doors. Faith is an immovable force…if you really believe. 

Fork In The Road

It turns out that the “fork in the road” moment was my moment of truth. Would I remain strong or would I break under stifling circumstances? What-ifs were removed from my psyche, and I pushed forward, prayed and re-loaded with everything in me. Shortly thereafter, things turned around, and I now have a strong team and a growing business. The dark moments taught me so much about humility, gratitude and strength. 

Humility: Humbly appreciative for every client that chooses to give me business.
Gratitude: Being grateful for what I have, right now.
Strength: I am much stronger that I realized.

So, whether it’s your business or something in your personal life. My prayer is that you find something where you refuse to move. So stand strong, step forward and be unbreakable.

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