Smile, The Sun is Shining Through You

The Smile. Powerful, yet underrated. Majestic, yet overlooked. The mere mention of the word, smile, makes you want to…smile. You can literally feel someone’s smile; whether it’s in person, or on the phone, or via email. That is how powerful it is. Regardless of whether you smile with your mouth, eyes or even your whole body, please know that something (or someone) around you will feel it. Every time.
It is one of the most potent areas where we can find common ground. It transcends age, race, culture, nationality, gender, and socio-economic status. The smile connects us all.
Smile, like the sun is shining through you.  
Serve, like the one you are serving is a king or queen
Inspire, like the words you say will move someone to dream bigger. 
Honor, like everything you do must be done right the first time. 
Lift, like your encouragement is all someone needs to climb higher. 
Shine, like every deed you do will illuminate everything around you.  
Encourage, like you are all that is needed to bring someone out of despair.  
Share, like one thing you give today will positively transform someone else’s day. 
Magnify, like your passion is to show people a brighter version of themselves. 
Engage, like each relationship you build is a sacred one that must be nurtured. 
So, smile, serve, inspire, honor, lift, shine, encourage, share, magnify and engage. 
Do them daily; Do them frequentlyDo them with love in your heart.
Most of all…Do them without expecting anything in return
Go, the sun is shining through you

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