Sign Your Work

As you serve your customers everyday, it is imperative that you learn to “sign your work”.

When I was in grade school, students could not turn in their assignment unless they signed their work. Signing your work meant that you checked it and am proud of what you submitted. It meant something. By definition, a signature is a distinguishing feature, aspect or mark. No one has your signature! It is 100% completely unique to you. As you serve your customers everyday, it is imperative that you learn to “sign  your work”.

The Globe

Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always loved the globe. My Aunt Iona had one in her house, and I spent hours studying that globe. So when I worked in hotels, I always asked my guests where they were from. No matter where they were from, I could have a basic conversation with them about their home country or state. That was my signature!


Whenever I learned that a guest was celebrating a birthday or anniversary, I could pick a few flowers from the hotel’s garden, and send to their room, along with a hand-written card. That was my signature!

What is your signature?

What is your personal stamp on how you serve? Is it how you smile? Is it how you anticipate needs? Is it how you tell jokes…or escort rather than point…or answer the phone with excellence? I can guarantee that you have a signature. Something that is unique to you. Now, you may not recognize it as a signature because it comes so natural to you; in your mind, it must not be special. It is so important to realize that your signature is prevalent and significant.

Own your signature! Write it everyday! Exemplify your uniqueness for the benefit of your customers and colleagues. Don’t blend in…stand out! And as you sign your work, everyone else will have the awareness and the courage to sign their work also. 

Never stop signing!

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