Work Like You Own It! Book

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This book is the result of a journey that began with my first job as a restaurant busboy. On my first day of work, my manager said to me, “Work in this restaurant like you own it!” My manager challenged me to go beyond the basic expectations of my job title and dare to work with pride, passion, and professionalism. I quickly understood that despite the leaders’ best efforts, at some point the employee has to step up and work with a sense of ownership. All 20 chapters of this book will provide multiple perspectives on how to be the best service professional you can be.


    • Six Habits of Service Superstars
    • How to Make Each Touchpoint Memorable
    • The Power of the 100% Principle
    • How to Become a Service Ambassador

Each of the 20 chapters ends with a powerful activity that is designed to help reinforce the key learning points.



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