BWTV Online Learning

What is BWTV?

  • BWTV is a set of short training videos, featuring Dr. Bryan K. Williams and shot in High Definition.
  • Each video is approximately 2-3 minutes long and focuses on his most popular topics.
  • The videos are packaged as an online course and are customizable to whatever device you are using (PC, Mac, IPAD, smartphone, etc)
  • Each video is a module in the class and is coupled with at least three paragraphs of content, PLUS a discussion guide with questions / activities.


  • Convenient 24×7 learning content (Fast, High-Quality, Accessible)
  • Can be used as part of your training certification process for team members.
  • Ongoing training for your team. An example is to focus on one (1) module per month in huddles and department meetings.
  • The discussion questions and activities can be used daily to keep the message alive.
  • More affordable option for producing sustainable results versus a one-time speaking engagement.

Engaging Topics on BWTV!

  • Serve vs. Engage
  • Touch Points
  • Work Like You Own It
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Double-Platinum Rule
  • Function vs. Purpose
  • Be Eager to Serve
  • Service Recovery
  • Warm Welcome
  • Be an Ambassador
  • Power of Consistency
  • Importance of Accountability
  • Telephone Engagement
  • Give Meaningful Recognition
  • Professional’s Pledge

Let’s Discuss How BWTV Can Be The Right Solution For You and Your Team.