5-Star Employees – Part 3

In two previous articles, I wrote about the influence that 5-star employees have on their guests, their team, and their company. These 5-star employees take immense pride in their jobs and refuse to settle for anything less than giving exceptional service. In part 1 of this series, I reviewed four commitments that 5- star employees have in common. Then in part 2, I wrote exclusively about the fifth commitment. In this article, we will review the remaining 3 commitments and conclude with the mantra of a 5-star employee.

Commitment 6: I will tell you that I am happy to see you, and that I am happy to serve you.

This commitment shows your “eagerness to serve”. Even if you don’t actually say “I am happy to see you and serve you”, your actions should. I accompanied my wife on a recent trip to a cosmetics store, and the entire staff did a marvelous job of enlivening this commitment. EVERY employee gave eye contact, smiled, and welcomed us. There was no question that their primary purpose was to provide us with a memorable shopping experience.

Commitment 7: I will make sure you are happy that you have chosen us instead of our competitors.

All things being equal, guests prefer to patronize businesses that make them feel special and appreciated. Actually, it is the people within those businesses that make customers feel special and appreciated. 5-star employees understand that guests have a choice regarding where to spend their hard-earned money. 5-star employees recognize every service touchpoint and consistently make deposits at each touchpoint.

Commitment 8: I will earn your patronage, your referrals, and your loyalty.

The key word in this commitment is “earn”. Earning your guest’s loyalty is a team effort. Every person must make significant contributions. However, it is important to note that your individual actions are critical to the team’s success. 5-star employees constantly evaluate their service with the following question: Why will guests remember the service that I provided? On a recent trip to the beautiful Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort in the Pocono Mountains, I met several 5-star employees. One morning I ordered breakfast through room service, and I fully expected for a server to bring my meal to the room (as usual). To my surprise, the meal was delivered by two cooks. Both of them arrived at my room and expressed their gratitude to me for staying at the resort. The cooks even proceeded to explain each dish and how it was prepared. Memorable. Their act helped to earn my patronage, referrals, and loyalty.

It is amazing to see a true 5-star employee at work. They are passionate, committed, and hospitable all at the same time. Imagine if 5-star employees had a declaration, it would read:

  • I am passionate about serving others.
  • I follow-up with guest complaints until they are fully satisfied with the resolution.
  • I do not blame other departments for service errors.
  • I consistently look for ways to go above and beyond to delight my guests.
  • I take initiative and ownership to create memorable experiences for my guests.
  • I am consistently warm and receptive.
  • I am not only an ambassador of my company, but of my industry.
  • I can make my guest’s stay very special by being attentive and eager to serve.
  • I help my teammates get better.
  • I always search for ways to improve my service.
  • I am engaging.
  • I am a 5-star employee.

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