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An inspired person can achieve unimaginable feats. I am a big believer in tapping into the inner power that excites us and propels us forward. The vast majority of this book was written between March 2020 and July 2021. You might recognize that time frame as the period of COVID-19. As you’ll recall, many of us felt down and even depressed. Anxiety and stress were at an all-time high.

Around March of 2020, I did my best to counteract the tsunami of negative news by writing inspirational articles and affirmations. Thus, this book is a compilation of what poured out of me in the hopes that, at least, one word would inspire, at least, one person.

You will notice that the chapters are concise and digestible. More importantly, there is a Key Takeaway at the end of each chapter. Don’t skim past it. Don’t gloss over it. That Key Takeaway is the golden nugget that I hope will connect with you. Of course, you may have other takeaways that resonate with you even more.

There is a brief series of questions, per chapter, to help guide you in articulating your action step(s). After all, for this book to be of any value, there must be a sustainable and noticeable shift in your life. Something should be better about you in some way.

So, my ultimate prayer for this book is for the Inspiration Collection to move you…so that you may move others.

To your success!

Bryan K. Williams, DM

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About Dr. Bryan K. Williams

Dr. Bryan K. Williams is a keynote speaker, consultant, and author, who is a noted authority on service excellence and leadership effectiveness. His passion is to serve others so they may better serve the world. Over the past several years, Bryan has provided training and consulting expertise to hundreds of organizations in over 20 industries ranging from Healthcare to Luxury Hotels. His work with clients has taken him throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Caribbean.

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